Passing Notes is an exercise in collaboration; a melding of unique new voices bouncing off of each other in order to interpret the echoes. 

We are artists who write.

 We are peers holding hands in the dark leading each other to where our instincts and our insights take us. Though we aim for expertise, we are not experts.  We are pioneers attempting to navigate our thoughts, our communities, and the nature of the new world we reside in.

Passing Notes is an affiliate publication for NYC Crit Club that began with a group of artists in a NYC Crit Club writing course in 2021. Inspired by our shared passion for writing and art we created this platform for artists and writers to come together in dialogue for the love of words and images. 


Alicia Savage


Colleen Blackard


Defne Tutus


Karen Rosenkrantz


Rachel Jeffers


Remy Knopf



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NYC Crit Club



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